На информационном ресурсе применяются рекомендательные технологии (информационные технологии предоставления информации на основе сбора, систематизации и анализа сведений, относящихся к предпочтениям пользователей сети "Интернет", находящихся на территории Российской Федерации)

Conspiracy Theory

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Two New York Cops Killed - Magical Shoelaces

The story of Ismaaiyl Brinsley, a 28-year-old Brooklyn-born man is mysterious. The media has been sure to report him as a black-Muslim man - who reportedly killed his girlfriend in Baltimore and then two days later went to Brooklyn to shoot two cops to death - one Hispanic and one Asian.


Tupac Exposed: Breaking the Illuminati Oath

Alot of Tupac’s music is anti-illuminati. Thats why he called his last album: The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. Tupac spoke openly about illuminati and some theorist even believe they were responsible for his death.




Truth about the Vatican and the Pope

Blatant Satan worship is now rampant within the Catholic Church. High-ranking churchmen are guilty of this heinous crime against God. According to one reliable source, the smoke of Satan has entered the very sanctuary of St. Peter's Cathedral in the Vatican.


Miley Cyrus Illuminati VMA Performance Secrets Revealed

Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMAs important to USA. She transmits the Global Mind Control which is a global conspiracy.


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Our celebrities are used as symbols to rally the forces of war. Kali, consort of Shiva, symbolizes the

Rihanna Admits She's An Illuminati Princess

R&B superstar Rihanna, the self-proclaimed “Princess of the Illuminati” has been a promoter of satanic and occult ideas and imagery in her music and videos since the onset of her career. Whether an official member or not, Rihanna has been of the biggest stars pushing the Illuminati satanic

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