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A FEMA Capstone Event unraveling: More proof Sandy Hook was staged

A FEMA Capstone Event unraveling: More proof Sandy Hook was staged

“[W]e have here a stunning illustration of the Hollywood practice of filming scenes out of order to edit together properly on a later occasion”–on Wolfgang Halbig’s latest proof that Sandy Hook was staged

 Wolfgang in his youth

Wolfgang in his wayward youth

 The massive redaction of the FBI Report on Sandy Hook has led me to write to the FBI for an explanation.

But I don’t expect to hear back from them any time soon.

 There is so much to cover up, where, at least since the death of JFK, the agency has been used to commit and cover up crimes by the government, not solve them.

 The situation is completely absurd, but that is the state of affairs in the USA today. When I was a young man, we had a government worthy of our respect. That time is long gone.

 Wolfgang Halbig has discovered a video that includes the date and time stamps, which have been removed from most of the others that have been broadcast on the air.

 What it shows is the staging of an event in the afternoon–around 12:45 PM/ET–which the official police records report as having happened around 9:35 AM/ET instead.

 It was this kind of sloppy work (apparently by Osbidian Analysis under contract to DHS and FEMA) that put this together, never anticipating it would be subject to micro-analysis. Here Wolf and I discuss his latest discoveries:

 We are witnessing the unraveling of a FEMA Capstone National Level Exercise, which had taken years in the planning and involved the whole community and government officials from the local to the state and ultimately the national level, as “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax” as well as Sofia Smallstorm’s “Unraveling Sandy Hook” have previously observed.

 Governor Malloy’s Press Conference

 As virtually every student of Sandy Hook must be aware, Governor Malloy held a press conference that day with his Lt. Governor and explained that he had been “spoken to” that something like this might happen. There are only two choices as to what he was told: (1) that there would be a mass shooting in a Connecticut public school; or (2) that a drill would be conducted in an abandoned school but be presented as an actual event.

 The person by whom he was “spoken to” has to have been United States Attorney General, Eric Holder, who met with him on 27 November 2012, which was less than a month before the Sandy Hook event on 14 December 2012. That they were going to discuss “Project Longevity”, a priority of the Barack Obama administration, was widely announced in advance, including this article published worldwide by Reuters:

Operation Longevity

 Eric Holder on gun control

 Less well known is that, for the Attorney General, gun control has been a passion, which is illustrated by the speech he gave to the Women’s National Democratic Club on 30 January 1995. He states his goal in clear and precise language: “We have to be repetitive about this,” he said. “We need to do this every day of the week, and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.” Listen to what Eric Holder says:

 When it comes to an event like Sandy Hook, which appears to have been a drill that was presented as if it were a real event, who would be in a better position to promote such a gross deception than the Attorney General? Indeed, the following evidence suggests that the chain of command ran from Barack Obama to Eric Holder to Governor Malloy, the State Police, the Newtown Police, the Newtown School Board and The Newtown Bee.


The FBI Report on Sandy Hook

 The FBI  has now released its report about Sandy Hook, which has been so massively redacted that it looks worse than a chunk of Swiss cheese. As Wolfgang has asked, “What does the FBI have to hide about Sandy Hook?” Barack Obama said he would utilize the full resources of the federal government to determine what happened there. Wolf wanted to know so he could apprise other school districts of how to avoid a replication at their schools. This is simply obscene:
Redacted FBI report on Sandy HookAs Dave Altimari has reported in The Hartford Courant, “Of the 175 pages released in response to a Courant Freedom of Information request, 64 were completely redacted and most of the other 111 pages were heavily redacted.” If the official account of a single demented shooter taking out 20 children and 6 adults on 14 December 2012 were true, there would be nothing to redact. He came, he shot, he died.  There should be no more to it than that.


My inquiry to the FBI

  A few questions about Sandy Hook . . . .                                                                                     4:26 PM (21 hours ago)

to andrew.ames, bcc: wolfgang, bcc: Day



 As a journalist and editor for Veterans Today, I am doing research on Sandy Hook and have a couple of questions for you as representing the FBI. I shall appreciate hearing from you.

 I have noted that the FBI’s report is massively redacted: 64 of its 175 pages are completely redacted and most of the other 111 partially.

 (1) What was the purpose of the redactions?

 (2) If Adam Lanza came to the school, shot 26 persons and then himself, what’s to hide?

 (3) How can other school systems learn from a report to guard against anything like it from happening to them when its mostly redacted?

 (4) Eric Holder met with Governor Malloy on 27 November 2012, only a few months prior to the event. Did they discuss any issues that were related to school shootings or drills?

 (5) Eric Holder has a reputation as a fanatic gun-control enthusiast, even telling those at a Women’s Conference in 1995 that the public needs to be “brainwashed” to change its attitude on guns. Was this a drill to promote that agenda?

 (6) I have reports that national security letters were sent to residents with 25 miles of SHES advising them that they could not talk about it. Were any such letters sent? And if so, WHY? I am asking about any NSLs or variations on the theme, such as cease and desist orders.

 Thanks for getting back to me promptly. I am working on a deadline to publish this Friday.

 With appreciation,


 James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.
Journalist and Editor

 Since I had mentioned I was working on a deadline to publish by today, that should have been an incentive for him to respond promptly. Instead, I have no doubt that it was interpreted as an opportunity to stonewall and withhold the information I requested until my deadline had passed, in the hope that, when a response was eventually made, it would no longer be useful or relevant. This is the kind of test that differentiates a corrupt agency from an honest one.


The glaring “two shadows” inconsistency

 Since learning that the data dump by the Connecticut State Police was the “script” for the Sandy Hook simulation, Wolf has been publishing an annotated version that exposes the shoddy work (apparently by the Washington, D.C., firm of Obsidian Analysis under contract by FEMA and DHS) on his sandyhookjustice.com web site. Here are some passages from SANDY HOOK SCRIPT Part  1, where the police report a teacher has seen “two shadows” passing by the school:


 9:38:53 McGowan: “67 to 56 (Kullgren), I am going up Crestwood.”

9:39:00 Kullgren: “Roger that, we will stage up here in the front and we will go from there.”

 While in route to the scene I Kullgren S6 directed two officers 67 and 95 to approach the school from the rear of the school via Crestwood Drive all other responding units were to stage with me halfway down Dickinson Drive.

 So how does Shannon Hicks from the Newtown Bee get by those police officers when shots are being fired and they have a huge crime scene to manage until it is safe?


9:39:12 Nute: “67 (McGowan) you’re on Crestwood, Crestwood?”


9:39:16 McGowan: “Roger.”


9:39:17 Nute: “Alright, I have reports that the teachers saw two shadows running past the building past the gym which would be the rear … Alright they still hear shooting.”


How is that possible when the Director of the communication center at a 911 Conference tells the audience that they received only four land line 911 calls on Dec 14, 2012 and all other cell phone calls went directly to the CT State Police dispatchers?

 This is the Director Maureen Will of the 911 call center for the Newtown Police Department.

 Listen to her Key Note Speech as to how great they did on that tragic day.

 Only four land line calls, she states. She refuses to tell us who the fourth caller was. Why? Listen to her own words in this video presentation [Editor's note: embedded above].

 Notice, in particular, that the “two shadows” passing by were reported to have occurred at approximately 9:39 AM/CT or a few minutes before. This is part of the official recording of the radio correspondence between the police and their dispatcher. What Wolf has now found is a video that shows the figures who presumably cast those shadows, but now in the afternoon, long after the crime scene was officially secure:

 Notice now the date and time shown reveals that the figures who presumably cast those shadows are being tracked as they run from the parking lot, past the school (thereby casting those shadows) and into the woods with officers in hot pursuit. But unless we are prepared to acknowledge backward causation (where a cause can occur after its effects), we have here a stunning illustration of the Hollywood practice of filming scenes out of order to edit together properly on a later occasion.


Wolfgang Halbig’s letter to the FBI

 Wolf thought this was such a glaring inconsistency that it deserved a letter to the FBI. Just as he had offered to assist Obsidian Analysis in planning and scripting future drills (to avoid committing such colossal blunders as having a dozen or more affidavits from Connecticut State Troopers that they entered through the broken glass window), here he invites their attention to the gross inconsistency of having “two shadows” reported at approximately 9:39 AM/ET, while the figures that presumably cast them were being filmed at 12:45 PM/ET:

 As a former Florida State Trooper who worked in Miami, Florida and was used as a backup when the FBI needed support I developed a close working relationship with your agency.

I was also assigned by the Secret Service to work President Nixon’s security detail at his Key Biscayne compound.
You have a difficult job and I just want to help in any way I can.
I am providing you a video in the event you missed it the first time around showing the biggest screw up ever witnessed by a former law enforcement officer and I want to make sure that it is available to you for training purposes.
The video is shown in LIVE Time taken by a helicopter which I believe did not realize what they where actually doing.  They were not part of the script.
How can you be doing what they are shown doing at 12:27 pm on Dec 14, 2012 when the Sandy Hook Elementary School was announced to be safe by law enforcement as observed in the police transmission?
You were there, so you must have observed this ridiculous Homeland Security and FEMA Capstone Exercise which failed so miserably–and you where part of it by redacting your reports.
The next time do not allow the News Media to actually capture people being chased in the woods in a LIVE SHOT which makes this entire Illusion a huge FRAUD and to collect $29 million dollars for this by giving people is outright FRAUD.
This scripted incident has caused Panic and Fear therefore Inflicting Emotional Distress on Millions of Americans who did not deserve this.
I only hope this video will help you because this should never ever happen again in our America.
Wolfgang W Halbig
Here is the video that Wolfgang links at the end of his message to the FBI. It offers a nice analysis of why the state of Connecticut may have been chosen for this event, given the absence of a county-wide system of sheriffs as law enforcement officials, because of which the Connecticut State Police have greater authority in other states. But in this case they appear to have been executing the plan under the control of FEMA and DHS, not as some kind of threat against them:

The analysis of the seven figures running past the school deserves attention here, especially since the timeline is inconsistent with the official police reports. And, when he asks about a “familiar figure” with the children in the “iconic” Shannon Hicks’ photograph, some have suggested that she looks familiar because she is familiar as the woman who was officially the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School, Dawn Hochsprung, who was officially already dead, which was a nice touch!


A FEMA Capstone event

FEMA Integrated Capstone EventWolfgang has faulted himself for being so slow in appreciating that this was a FEMA Capstone event, which are national-level exercises (NLEs) that emanate from the highest office in the land, the President of the United States, and bring together whole communities, including faith-based organizations, to conduct coordinated efforts, where they can be two or more years in the planning. He fully acknowledges Sofia Smallstorm had it right and that he has been slow to appreciate what she explained in her video study, “Unraveling Sandy Hook”:

The Sandy Hook Homeland Security Illusion
December 14, 2012
Homeland and FEMA Capstone Exercise 2012
NLE 2012 participation includes the Executive Office of the President, federal, state, local, tribal and territorial department and agency officials and emergency operations elements, nongovernmental and private sector organizations and international partners. The four major exercises are:
      Whole Community approach encompasses understanding and meeting the true needs of the entire affectedcommunity; engaging all aspects of the community (public, private, and civic) in defining those needs and devising ways to meet them; and strengthening the assets, institutions, and social processes that work well to improve resilience and emergency management outcomes.


Indeed, this appears to be the key to understanding why no whistle-blowers have come from the community: they were all complicit in conducting the drill, whereas most may have been unaware that it was going to be presented as though it had been an actual school massacre. It may even be that, like those who were hired to demolish the building, similar gag orders were imposed upon them to never reveal the truth. That may have been their commitment, but we are dismembering–piece by piece–the astonishing deception known as “Sandy Hook”.


Wolfgang Halbig, a former Florida State Trooper, served in public school administration for more than 35 years and is a nationally recognized school-safety expert.



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