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Conspiracy Theory

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Charlie Sheen: Illuminati SATANIC RITUAL ABUSER

Charlie Sheen allowed himself to be at the mercy of the ruthless Illuminati by pursuing a glorified acting career. Warner Brothers and CBS worked to ruin him by deliberately setting his salary too low and allowing Illuminati affiliated staff members access to his food on set.


Savas Danatsidis
Even charlie?pff...go charlie against everyone,you are still in our hearts!

I can't even begin to imagine what goes on in Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's house. I mean, all these high level celebrity families are satanic and perform rituals to please Satan for their success.

That's where "Two and a Half Men" comes into play. The show is being used to convince Americans that it's perfectly okay for two men living together to raise a kid. Once the population feels no objection to this lifestyle, the Illuminati will move on to the next phase, and that's airing a sitcom about a gay couple with kids. Of course there will be token resistance from the religious right, and the NWO controlled media will choose a few of the weaker minds to voice those opinions as an attempt to show "balance."

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