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Conspiracy Theory

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US soldier converts to Islam

Many USA boys have joined the Army to serve their country from Muslims. But some of them, like Terry from this video. Terry Holdbrooks was a US soldier and Guantanamo guard, he says he saw something in the behavior of the inmates that changed him.http://youtu.be/jMYEMxkyKG0Views: lilac flower islam

Paris Jackson Warns the World about the Illuminati

Paris Jackson, the daughter of pop legend Michael Jackson, appears to be aware of a lot of things but her life took a turn for the worse in the past months. Paris is definitely aware of the dark side of the entertainment industry. Through her Twitter account, she was looking to “educate” her fans

Miley Cyrus 'We Can't Stop' Exposed

Miley Cyrus 'We Can't Stop' actually has deep symbolism. The Illuminati has placed their encrypted characters to zombie viewers.http://youtu.be/cOPNhhhRKKkViews: Israel LimIf you noticed, miley also did the 666 hand sign and the black guy with the hand sign devil horns.youtube.com Lilythere is A

Immortals, Time Travelers Or Reincarnation

Seems that a lot of people from today have already lived on this earth years ago. Or they just have very close similarities.http://youtu.be/j9lOrOOQk78Views: Pammie MooreThey all just look similar, like if you look at certain features it's obvious they aren't the same person haha. Having said that

The Muslim Response to the Charlie Hebdo Shooting

The Muslim react differently to Charlie Hebdo Shooting. Some of them believed that artists are punished justly.http://youtu.be/Uv6Tl7dd1wIViews: MancheezeYour victimhood is oh so speshul. You are a speshul snowflake who trots around terrorism because your small mind can't handle humour. You don't

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